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Theresa Baroun, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Maple Syrup Producers Association.

Theresa Baroun

I graduated from UW-Green Bay with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development and Psychology and have been making maple syrup since I was a child at my family’s business, Maple Sweet Dairy in De Pere. My husband Jon and I along with our 2 children, Justin, Alicia, and my large family tap 1100 taps on tubing and buckets. We cook on a wood fired evaporator and finish on a propane finish pan. Besides making maple syrup, we make many different value-added products, including maple cream, maple candy, cinnamon maple syrup, bourbon maple syrup, honey maple syrup, and maple cotton candy. In 2018, my high schooI friend and I joined forces with our honey and maple syrup to create our new added adventure, Maple Buzz.

I was hired in December 2015 as Executive Director of the WMSPA and take care of planning WMSPA Association events, memberships, working with the state on maple issues, going around the state presenting educational seminars, working at the WI State Fair, editing the WI Maple News, and attending many maple events throughout the year. A big accomplishment this year was, along with Christine and Alison Anderson, designing an updated teacher's packet, power point and hands on kit to teach students throughout WI about the Wisconsin Maple Industry. I have showcased our Teacher’s Packet at various Teacher’s Conference throughout WI. 

I enjoy working with WMSPA members, teaching individuals about the maple industry and promoting the use of Wisconsin Maple Syrup. 

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The WI Maple Syrup Producers Association was formed in the 50's by a group of producers from Antigo.


In the 1950’s a small group of maple syrup producers formed the Antigo Producers Maple Group, this group later transitioned into a state organization now known as the Wisconsin Maple Syrup Producers Association (WMSPA). Adin Reynolds led the group that founded the WMSPA and the first annual meeting was held in Antigo on May 4th of 1964. The first officers were Milton Thibaudeau – President; John Roth – Vice President; and Adin Reynolds – secretary/treasurer. The group’s main purpose was to promote and sell Pure Maple Syrup. Under the leadership of dedicated presidents, executive directors and members the organization has grown in size and in its mission. While the WMSPA still has promotion of Pure Maple Syrup at its core, it has evolved to help producers with many other issues, ranging from teaching new technologies to working with the government on maple related issues.

The goal of the Wisconsin Maple Syrup Producers Association is to help our members make and market the finest pure maple syrup in North America. We accomplish this by promoting maple syrup and educating our producer members.

-- Image Caption: 1971 Winter Institute, John Polak, Ted Peterson, Clarence Breuining

benefits of A wmspa membership

  1. Subscription to the international maple production: The Maple Digest
  2. Subscription to our association newsletter: Wisconsin Maple News
  3. Opportunity to purchase many printed materials, such as labels, signs and other maple promotional items, at discounted price
  4. Optional participation in various information exchanges (tour groups, USDA crop reporting surveys)
  5. Opportunity to sell syrup to the association, which in turn, sells packaged syrup at the Wisconsin State Fair. There, your Sugarbush is listed in a special handout for prospects to contact you directly for additional syrup products.
  6. Opportunity to attend any WMSPA sponsored workshops, such as the Winter Maple Institutes.
  7. Indirect representation through the WMSPA at many promotional events sponsored by various state agencies, including the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection.
  8. Direct representation to the North American Syrup Council (NAMSC), as well as the International Maple Sugar Institutes (IMSI), which deals with quality control, product research and development, and government regulations.
  9. Invitation to annual and semi-annual meetings, where policy is discussed and set, for the good of the WMSPA.
  10. Representation through WMSPA, and direct involvement by WMSPA at the annual Wisconsin Maple Festival.

Since the founding, the WMSPA has represented many commercial and hobbyist sugar makers in Wisconsin. While we do not conduct actual inspections, we expect our members to conform to all State and Federal standards regarding the production and sale of maple products. We disseminate information to our members which helps them maintain strong quality control and we stand ready to assist them if problems arise. We also act as your representative to both State and Federal Government on specific legislative issues that affect the maple industry.

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